12-Rule Ops

Meta-rule: In IT, there are do’s and don’ts. Anything in between are trade-offs (see IT Framework).

  1. You cannot automate what you barely understand
  2. Take note of the “fallacies of distributed computing
  3. Replication is not backup. Backup is not replication
  4. Give unto RDBMS what is relational, unto NoSQL what is non-relational
  5. Don’t confuse a virtual machine from a container
  6. You can use any configuration format as long as it is not YAML
  7. Systems software must be broken into tools following the UNIX philosophy
  8. Configuration management is for physical/virtual machines. For containers, it’s called Dockerfile
  9. Stateless N-tier means you need not worry about a server that just died because the system still works
  10. Security is a process, not a product
  11. Operation is about which process requires automation or manual intervention
  12. IT is 20% software development and 80% software operations

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