Respect Subjectivity

The IT industry is rife with senseless hate wars that it is ridiculous to think that in the 21st century we still encounter what amounts to technology apartheid.

You see, IT is inherently subjective particularly in hardware and software design. It is high time we put these childish behavior behind and exercise prudence by tolerating differences from your viewpoints.

It does not matter if you use Ruby, Python or PHP.

GitHub, YouTube and Facebook are all successful using those technologies. They know the trade-offs but IT is basically all about trade-offs.

It does not matter if you use Go or Perl.

It does not matter what software you are using in development. What is more important is how you use software in operations.

After all, IT is 20% development and 80% operations.

To those who are still dwelling in the Stone Age of subjective wars, get out of the dark and embrace the light of open-mindedness.

After all, those who know how to handle subjectivity leave objectivity to falsifiability and unto each individual what is subjective.


Subjectivity aside, leave a reply

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