Virtual Script

I always thought that jQuery would suffice the needs of small-to-medium-size Web applications but when you reach large scale like those encountered by Facebook and Instagram, a blog post makes the case to go for React rather than Angular.


I won’t rehash the reasons here but just mention a few:

– from DOM to virtual DOM

– It follows UNIX philosophy: Small is beautiful. Do one thing, and do it best.

These two reasons ring a bell with my current project, Anchor which is a script-based configuration management (CM) tool.

Historically, shell scripts are fine when executing mundane tasks on a single host. But when it gets to CM, imperative programming breaks down. You need the elegance of declarative programming (DP) just like what AngularJS does.

But then, just like in every endeavor, too much of a thing is not a good thing. Everything must be in moderation.

So from shell script, Ansible made the CM equivalent of AngularJS.

Personally, I did not find it intuitive.

But don’t get me wrong. We are standing on the shoulders of giants like Ansible and Docker.

Anchor CM goes from shell script to virtual script (the equivalent of virtual DOM).

And of course, it follows the UNIX philosophy of building simple single-purpose tools.

If you think Anchor is simply a command parser, I cannot blame you for that.

But then, the secret is in the sauce and the power is in cmdfile.


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