Why IT Jumpstart?

The IT industry is one of a kind among all other industries. Since it is unique, the IT industry should redefine what it means to have an IT education or if it is even applicable to be called IT education. I prefer to call it IT learning.


See my earlier post: https://itjumpstart.wordpress.com/2015/03/14/learning-vs-education.

In my view, entering the IT workforce does not require a college degree.

All you need is an interest in IT and a never-ending desire to learn.

Pursuing a college degree is entirely your prerogative.

For those who cannot afford going to college, I have an IT Jumpstart policy framework based on the following values:

If that is a start, I’d like to challenge the open source community to meet the following goals:

  • Provide free PDF learning materials (Creative Commons Non-Commercial) posted on this website or elsewhere
  • Develop a PDF about IT Principles and Trade-offs (high level overview of IT) – The WHY of IT
  • Come up with products that simulate real-life workloads on IaaS clouds (to gauge IT learning)

What Learners Need to Do and Expect

  • Must have GitHub, Twitter and WordPress accounts
  • Start/fork GitHub repos, twit and blog your IT learning journey
  • Observe The Code Manifesto and IT Jumpstart Values
  • Speak your mind on Twitter and blog
  • Challenge the status quo (break up monolithic software like ERP, CM, etc)
  • Collaborate on real IT projects, not college thesis
  • If you are into abstract CS (computing science) research, no one prevents you from doing so
  • Separate your personal social network accounts from your work/ITJUMPSTART accounts
  • Your GitHub, Twitter and WordPress activities are your credentials and resume
  • IT Jumpstart does not and will not issue certifications, badges and the like
  • IT Jumpstart is a non-profit social mission to redefine IT learning

What the open source community can do

  • Adopt an individual (or as many as you want) and guide their IT career growth
  • Produce free but quality PDF learning materials (let Khan Academy et al do what they do best)
  • Sponsor events
  • Note that this is a social mission (not bootcamp, OJT or community college)
  • Let’s have a Twitter conversation (ibm2100)

For now, I am focusing on Go.

Here are my other thoughts:

  • For usability and consistency, PDF learning materials should provide content using VirtualBox and Turnkey Linux (preferably)
  • No Vagrant please (we are catering to IT newbies, not pros)
  • Provide just enough content to jumpstart how-to skills (preferably less than 150 pages only)
  • Focus on the following: Docker, Go, Linux
  • Web development is a low hanging fruit. Aim high by targeting operations (http://www.opsschool.org)
  • See https://github.com/ibmendoza/itjumpstart to see my course on Web Development Jumpstart (and Fundamentals)

Subjectivity aside, leave a reply

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