IT: The Good Parts

The Good Parts vs The Bad Parts

  • REST vs RPC
  • Objects without classes (prototype-based, interface-based) vs Objects with classes
  • Interface inheritance vs implementation inheritance
  • SQL vs ORM
  • NoSQL when appropriate vs RDBMS-is-everything
  • UNIX Philosophy vs monolithic frameworks
  • Two-valued logic vs three-valued logic
  • Three-Tier Architecture vs stored procedures in RDBMS
  • Foreign key constraints at logic tier vs FK constraints at RDBMS
  • Anything goes” vs Any Software Development Methodology
  • Graph-oriented vs UML
  • NaCl vs flawed_combination_of_encryption_and_mac
  • MVC (local computing) vs MVC (distributed computing)
  • Object storage vs RAID

Subjectivity aside, leave a reply

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