What is Usability?

The purpose of usability is to realize that systems are complex but it can be made NOT complicated.

Usability is…

For End Users:

  1. about simple and minimal user interface
  2. about simple and minimal workflow (no bureaucracy)
  3. no manual (manual is for operations only)

For Developers:

  1. about simple and minimal interface (Medium)
  2. about CLI/GUI balance (GitHub)
  3. about minimal or zero configuration (Project Iris)
  4. ops-friendly (NSQ.io)
  5. no YAML (Nomad Project)
  6. whiteboard-friendly (Scalable Protocols)
  7. syntax-friendly (Go, JavaScript)
  8. no mental overload (Kefir.js, Riot.js)
  9. no dynamic programming language abuse (no to OpenStack)
  10. no bloated runtime (no to JVM/.NET)
  11. no micro-management (no to Agile methodologies)
  12. no rigid methodology (no to ITIL)
  13. no excuse for ignorance (fallacies of distributed computing)
  14. about starting small (learning on demand)

Subjectivity aside, leave a reply

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