Wisdom of IT

Wisdom of IT

There is a reason…

…why there are scripting or compiled languages.
…why there are virtual machines or containers.
…why there are developers or operations.
…why there are engines or interfaces.
…why there are schemers or prey.
…why there are suits or mavericks.
…why there is uniformity or creativity.
…why there is bureaucracy or usability.
…why there is meritocracy or autocracy.
…why there is market norms or social norms.
…why there is politics or community.
…why there is a red pill or blue pill.
…why there is push or pull.
…why there is state or stateless.
…why there is cohesion or loose coupling.
…why there is producer or consumer.
…why there is code or data.
…why there is automation or manual.
…why there is relational or non-relational.
…why there is eventual or strong consistency.
…why there is parallelism or concurrency.
…why there is Karl Popper or Paul Feyerabend.
…why there is objective or subjective.

The enemy of wisdom is “Everything is something,
and something is everything”.

In a nutshell, some things are worth your while,
and some things are nothing.

Your task is to figure out the difference
and use trade-offs to your advantage.


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