Messaging Patterns in Go

In a bid to popularize messaging-based approach to building microservices, I am launching Messaging Patterns in Go.

  • EventBus – use this for intra-process programs (that is, those standalone programs that do not communicate with other programs) as alternative to using channels. If you are familiar with Node.js, you will feel at home using EventBus but without callback hell
  • mangos – use this message transport if you want communication with other socket-based programs using direct addressing (IP address)
  • Iris – use this message transport if you want communication with clusters of servers but using name-based addressing (like DNS but without DNS)
  • NSQ – this is the job queue that is either the ultimate destination of your messages or as an endpoint in your message processing pipeline.

I want to promote these four great Go-based open source software. Mix and match according to your needs.

But far more important, I want to create an IT marketplace where you can work anytime, anywhere (this is ideal as an OJT platform). No need for another Web site with registration, form handling etc.

For newbies who are exploring how it is like to be in IT, all you need is Twitter, a blog, GitHub to show your skills. And of course, communication.

I’m @ibm2100 at Twitter. Please use the following hashtags when relevant:

  • #nsqio
  • #gomangos
  • #iriscmf
  • #eventbus

I am open for presentation, remote work and consulting as long as it is about NSQ, mangos, Iris or EventBus.

Isagani Mendoza


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