CS Links

The SAM Pattern

The Whys of Observability

Go and VueJS

Thoughts about JWT

How to be a Great Programmer

Client-side vs server-side rendering

Browserify vs Webpack

Objects vs Abstract Data Types

50 Shades of Go


Go Traps

Programming Idioms


Rosetta Code

Elements of Scale

A DNS Primer

Docker Swarm mode (Before and After)

Much ado about dependencies

Go for Data Science

JavaScript: The Good Parts

Mixins considered harmful

Software Engineering Reading List

Open Letter to Monitoring Companies

Inside Distributed Architecture

Locks, Actors and STM in pictures

Building Scalable Stateful Services

Microservices: setting priorities and kill switch

The Web Authentication Arms Race

Mutable: Create, Read, Update, Delete. Immutable: Create, Read

Project Orleans

What every JavaScript developer should know

Idempotence (a+a=a), duplication doesn’t matter.

Threads are bad (or aren’t they, really?)

Composing and scaling data platforms

Understanding distributed systems

Distributed systems – Mikito Takada

CRDT – see http://github.com/soundcloud/roshi

Consistency without consensus – Peter Bourgon

The Shapes of Computations – Ken Regan

There is no now (Problems with simultaneity in distributed systems) – Justin Sheehy

40 Key Computer Science Concepts Explained In Layman’s Terms – Carl Cheo

Visualizing key-value store vs columnar store – keylines.com

CAP Theorem – Daniel Abadi

Redis: Zero to Master in 30 Minutes – Karl Seguin

NoSQL Databases: An Overview – Pramod Sadalage

Visual representation of SQL joins – C.L. Moffatt

A Visual Explanation of SQL Joins – Jeff Atwood

Papers We Love – http://paperswelove.org

Curated list of CS literature – Tyler Treat




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