Download the following Go books

Why Pony?

Objectives and Key Results

Docker Security Cheatsheet

Go by Example
The Welch Way

BA Career Killers

Specification by Example

Danger of Oversimplification


The Way to Design

25 Lessons

Jack Welch

Principles of Monitoring Microservices

Pro Git

Docker Security Cheatsheet

Container Patterns

Thoughts about BA

Let’s isolate a process with no container

Rules of Machine Learning

Rules of Machine Learning (b0rk zine)

Docker CheatSheet

Bootstrap 2

Bootstrap 3


Functional JavaScript

JavaScript Guide

Rework by Jason Fried

Meiosis Guide (Implementation of SAM Pattern)

Golang Web basics

Stream processing with NSQ

Differential dataflow


Dask Cheatsheet

Understanding nil in Go

GitHub 101

IT Framework – put the fun back to computing

Culture and Empire

Kubernetes: Up and Running Preview


IT Burnout

Open Source Yearbook

Calm IT Down

Hidden Cost of Data Operations

Building Scalable Stateful Services

Why DevOps?

Distributed System Overview with NATS

Why Messaging?

Producing Open Source Software

Cassandra RefCard

Building and Deploying Apps to the Cloud


Performance Checklists for SREs

Web services vs microservices (MQ-based Microservices)

Roots of RDD: paper and presentation

The World is Eventually Consistent

Cassandra 3.0

Life beyond distributed transactions

Theory and Practice of Bloom filters for distributed systems

Anomaly Detection

Monitoring Applications

Queueing Theory

Universal Scalability Law

Stream processing with NSQ

Forget the 10,000-Hour Rule (so much to do but so little time)

Git Cheat Sheet (

Introduction to Functional Programming with JavaScript – @drboolean

Indy with Lazarus – then rebuild Lazarus (Package > Open recent package… > Use > Install)

Scaling Bitly via Stream-Based Processing

JavaScript in One Picture – courtesy of Yusheng

IT Cookbook – Go and JavaScript basics

Basic Go – PDF of Go language specification


Some books are copyrighted by its author(s).

Why Information Technology? (Isagani Mendoza)

Web Development Fundamentals (Isagani Mendoza)

Web Development Jumpstart (Isagani Mendoza)

An Introduction to Programming in Go (© Caleb Doxsey)

Database-driven apps with Go (courtesy of VividCortex)

The Little Go Book (Karl Seguin)

Learning Go (Mike Gieben et al)

Predictably Irrational (Dan Ariely)

GitHub Cheat Sheet (snowdream)

..and a host of other free books from

Learn JavaScript

97 Things Every Programmer Should Know (O’Reilly)

Marc Andreesen Tweetstorms (Samy Pesse)

Pro Git (Scott Chacon)

Go Bootcamp (Matt Aimonetti)

Building Web Apps with Go (Jeremy Saenz)

Build Web Application with Golang (400+ pages)

Zero to One – summary

Kubernetes 101

Dev/Ops Tools

Why Rust?


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